Thursday, 12 July 2012

#54 Urfa Man - Gobekli Tepe

The world's oldest statue is a two-meter high statue of a male that was discovered in Balıklıgöl in 1993. The limestone statue the eyes of which are carved out of obsidian depicts a man seizing his genital organ with both hands.  The Urfa Man statue, so named because of the region in which he was found, is extraordinary for a number of reasons. First, it is the only one of its kind out of the hundreds of carvings found at Gobekli Tepe. The statue is 6 feet tall and carved of stone. It is definitely humanoid and depicts a man with no hair, with eyes made from what appears to be black obsidian crystals. 

Quoting from the June 2012 Turkish edition of Actual Archeology," Due to the existence not only of arms and human hands, but also of belts and loincloths, it can be said that the T-shaped pillars have an anthropomorphic identity, but who are they ? As their faces are never depicted, they seem very likely to be related to supernatural beings, beings gathered at Gobekli Tepe for certain, but so far unknown, purposes."

Another statue found at the site almost seems to represent the birth of humanity. The top portion of the statue is a type of humanoid being, but more alien in appearance. Near the bottom of the statue is what looks to be  a human baby being born.